English is my life.

I'm Japanese. This blog is written in English. Because, I strengthen my English.


Sorry, It has transferred this blog.

Hi. This's sudden, It has tansferred this blog.Thank you, You read my blog for a long time. It's new blog http://umagoro.blogspot.jp Thank you, You have ever read to my blog for a long time. ども。突然ですが、ブログを移転することにしました…

I bought Evergreen!

Hi. I bought english book "Evergreen". so, I make comparsion between Forest and Evergreen. "Evergreen" is "Forest 8th Edition" Evergreen is as content as forest 7th Edition. There is a difference these book. These book's a different paper …

I bought English book "forest" !

Hi. I bought "forest 7th Edition" in library yesterday.Because, I bring another English book, "The Royal English Grammar for Practical Expressiveness". Thanks this book, I interested in English."Forest" became a best-seller, but The book w…

PGUnicorn Gundam Completed!!!

Now, PGUnicorn Gundam made by me completed the other day!! Unicorn mode Destroy mode Wow!!! It's spectacular!!!!It's very good!!!